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A lot of folks want to know why so many of us are saying, "Don't replace your old and historic windows", well here's my take on the issue.

I've been a historic property developer for 43 years doing primarily residential properties.

I'm also associated with many energy efficiency organizations and do research on this very subject.

I buy and restore historic homes (not HGTV flips) large and small and then sell them.

First, I can tell you that my buyers demand original windows with quality storms.

In over 160 rehabs of historic properties I've never replaced a window primarily because if I did, I would be wasting money and my houses wouldn't be as energy efficient.

Homeowners buy into the myth that a disposable replacement window is the answer to their comfort and energy efficiency issues and nothing could be further from the truth.

All the science and data show that even if you have old windows with broken sash cords, loose putty and a cheap aluminum lumber yard storm, these windows, in this condition, only comprise 10% of your total energy usage.

This data comes from the Department of Energy and many other energy testing organizations.

For years these disposable window replacement manufacturers and installers have been claiming 30%, 40%, 50% and even 60% energy savings.

The Federal Trade Commission came out in 2012 and fined multiple companies making these claims for fraud.

The FTC said prove your claims or stop making them and guess what, they couldn't prove these fraudulent energy savings claims and by law, may not make them as a result.