игры на телефон на деньги

It seems like just yesterday I spent all of grade 11 calculus playing that pre-loaded Snake game on my Nokia 3220.

Today, we download these games as apps direct to our phones and mobile gaming is a $50b industry.

Compared to 2017 global box office revenues of $40b, mobile gaming is bigger than Hollywood.

Making up 42% of the $110b global gaming industry, mobile is the most lucrative and fastest growing gaming platform, exceeding both PC and Console revenue for the first time ever in 2017.

Half of this revenue comes from Asia– mostly China, Japan, and Korea, with North America and Europe contributing $7b and $6b, respectively.

Over 30% of all mobile apps are games– you have access to roughly 800,000 games in your pocket right now if you have an Apple or Android phone.

The smartphone has truly led to the democratization of gameplay for consumers and distribution for creators, and everybody in this ecosystem wins.

As mobile devices improve, people upgrade their hardware and enjoy better mobile experiences– bigger screens, faster rendering, higher resolution.

Developers build more compelling apps on top of these device features, leading to better mobile gaming and entertainment.

Better consumer experiences fuel continued hardware improvements to attract an even bigger audience– creating new opportunities for developers.

If selling more devices isn’t enough of an incentive, consider this: 75% — 90% of both i OS App Store and Google Play revenue comes from mobile game transactions, and there are over 200m mobile gamers in the US alone.

While diversification is coming, mobile games and the developers who build them, are the lifeblood of Apple and Google app stores.